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The Smartwatch That Looks Smart

August 25, 2014

Smartwatches are becoming the next big thing. Google, Apple and a bunch of other companies have, or shortly will, introduce watches that link to smartphones via Bluetooth. None of these watches look really stunning. Most look like a large screen strapped to your wrist...until the Ritot. Ritot promises to develop a fancy bracelet that projects the time onto the back of your hand.

Ritot is currently an IndieGoGo project. Their goal was to raise $50,000 and they are now at over $1 million. It would seem like the watch would be a sure thing, but there are doubters. For one, the watch is still in the very early planning stages. There isn't even a working prototype or anything close to it.

Notwithstanding the uncertainty of the final product, the watch is a really cool idea. Many, many like the idea as evidenced by the large number of people who have supported the project.

The watch is plannned to display the time on the back of your hand when you either press a button on the watch or shake your wrist (it has an accelerometer built into it).

In addition to time, the watch can display Caller ID, text messages, emails, weather alerts and more. It also has a vibrating alarm. All messages can be dismissed with another shake of the wrist.

The watch can be recharged simply by laying it on the base charger unit that is included. In addition, the base will allow the watch's projection color to be changed, with a single click, to any of 20 different colors. The base also enables the time to be changed from 12 to 24 hour time display and to set display for either left or right hand. The base itself includes an alarm clock.

The Ritot is such a cool concept. We really hope they are able to bring the watch into production. There is still an awful lot of development work to be done and there will be a whole lot of disappointed contributors if the watch remains as vaporware.

Image Credits: Ritot