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One Keyboard To Rule Them All

December 09, 2014
By Lance Powers

Touchscreens are great...accept when it comes to typing. Having a Bluetooth keyboard for every device you use (smartphone, tablet and computer) can be difficult to juggle. Logitech thinks they have the answer with the K480 Multi-Device Bluetooth keyboard. One keyboard for multiple devices.

To say that we're in an era where we multi-task devices is an understatement. Most of us probably have at least two devices that we regularly use within proximity of each other and maybe even three. Logitech decided that having a single keyboard that can be used for input on as many as three devices at once is now a necessary option.

The Logitech K480 Bluetooth keyboard is actually an interesting idea. The keyboard is made to replace your desktop or laptop keyboard and simultaneously allows you to type on your smartphone or tablet. An "Easy-Switch" dial on the keyboard has three positions and by simply rotating it, you can control which device takes input from the keyboard.

The keyboard includes a cradle/slot across the front/top of the keys that is roughly 10" wide and 0.4" thick where you can place your smartphone and/or tablet. The cradle holds the devices at a comfortable angle so the screens can be easily viewed.

This allows a person to type on their computer and quickly switch over to the smartphone to respond to a text message or perhaps switch to the tablet to send a tweet or set a calendar appointment.

It's possible that it may also be a useful keyboard for a handful of folks that use multiple computers on their desk and currently have a keyboard for each.

The keyboard comes in white or black and should work with most Bluetooth enabled devices that allow external keyboards (PC, Mac, Chrome OS, IPad or iPhone and Android tablet or phone).

At the current price of $49.99, it's not a huge outlay of cash. The determining factor in its usefulness and success may be whether the feel of the keys is acceptable as a replacement for your current full-time desktop/laptop keyboard.

Image Credit: Logitech