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Inexpensive HD Wireless Home Video Security Cameras

August 18, 2014
By Lance Powers

If you want a super simple way to keep an eye on your house while you're away, Blink may be the answer. The company that makes Blink has created a very small, HD quality video camera that operates on batteries and Wi-Fi. This makes it super easy to place the cameras almost anywhere you wish. Once the cameras are in place, simply pull out your smartphone to get a live view.

What sets Blink apart from other home security cameras is it's small size and ability to use batteries. This allows for almost unlimited locations where the cameras can be placed. With Wi-Fi operation and no power cords, it's a snap to set up. Best of all, the Blink cameras are only $69.

The Blink features are impressive. The camera provides HD video, motion detection, night vision, a temperature sensor, a microphone and more.

How does Blink do all of this at such a reasonable price? Because Blink is a product of Immedia Semiconductor. Immedia's senior management team has a long history with projects and companies that specialize in video technology.

Blink is not just a pile of outsourced components made to work together. Immedia themselves designed the main chip that does all of the video processing and and other Blink functions. Designing the chip in-house has enabled Immedia to create a pretty revolutionary product that's going to be hard to match from other competitors.

Blink plans on adding additional features soon, including an API that may allow other home automation devices/programs to interact with Blink.

Image Credit: Blink