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Wall Mount Brings TV Down to Eye Level

August 18, 2014
By Lance Powers

The popularity of flat screen TVs has changed where and how we locate them in our house. Many people are now choosing to mount their TV on the mantel above the fireplace. While this may be a pleasing location from a decorating point of view, it's certainly not optimal for viewing. The TV is rarely at eye level and glare can be an issue from overhead lights or windows. MantelMount sets out to remove these negatives by allowing you to pull down your TV in front of the mantel for viewing.

When the television is not being used, the mount holds the TV against the wall, above the fireplace mantel. When somebody chooses to watch a show, the mount is pulled down and out. This extends the TV up to 15" away from the wall and lowers it as much as 24". In the final suspended "viewing position" the TV is down at eye level in front of the mantel, instead of above it. The mount also swivels left or right for optimal viewing.

The MantelMount is actually a pretty ingenious idea. The mount uses automotive type struts like you would find on auto engine hoods or SUV tailgates. These struts help support the weight of the TV so that it's easier to pull it down or push it back up to the wall.

The setup includes the mount, as well as a handle that mounts at the bottom of the TV. This handle is used to pull the TV down. The handle has heat sensitive grips on it that turn red if the temperature exceeds 110 degrees Fahrenheit. This is to alert you to excessive heat that may damage the TV if you're concurrently using the fireplace (it's probably a good idea to avoid using the fireplace while the TV is in front of it).

Also included are paintable panels that mount on the wall, covering the actual MantelMount mounting brackets. This helps hide the mount for beautification. A swivel electrical box is included to help route cables.

MantelMount is currently selling the mounts until Sep 17th on their KickStarter page for $199 plus shipping. After that, the retail price jumps up to $389.

Image Credit: MantelMount