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Samsung Buys SmartThings Home Automation

August 16, 2014
By Allen Landers

Samsung announced that they are acquiring SmartThings. In case you're not familiar, SmartThings allows you to connect and monitor all kinds of devices in your home via a smartphone. You can control and monitor lights, appliances, media systems, thermostats and more. So why would Samsung be interested in this acquisition?

By 2015, Samsung hopes to be the world's largest (smart) appliance manufacturer. Connecting the home to the Internet is the next big frontier and Samsung wants a front row seat.

SmartThings will remain an independent company and SmartThings' open platform will remain 100% open for others to use.

The acquisition comes at a time when Apple Computer has announced that the upcoming iOS 8 will be able to control home devices through HomeKit.

Many other companies are venturing into home automation, including Google who recently purchased Nest Labs. Nest makes a smart home thermostat and a smoke/carbon monoxide detector.

Image Credit: SmartThings